Fight homophobia and uphold LGBT rights in Lithuania
14 Dec 2010

The right to freedom of expression of LGBT people risks being restricted in Lithuania if the amendment to the Administrative Code will be adopted by the Lithuanian Parliament on 16 December. This amendment would introduce fines (from 580 to 2000 Euros) to punish "the public promotion of homosexual relations". If these sanctions will be introduced, any public expression, portrayal, information about homosexuality would be banned. Such actions would include for instance campaigning on LGBT rights issues, providing sexual health information to LGBT people or organizing events such as gay film festivals and Pride marches like the one held in Vilnius in May this year.

The Lithuanian President herself commented on this amendment to the Administrative Code stating that such initiative damaged the Lithuanian image and presented the country as homophobic and aggressive. Amnesty is also concerned that the draft amendment, if entering into force, could be applied in a way that would restrict freedom of expression for LGBT people and advocates for their rights, and that it would further aggravate homophobia in Lithuania.

What do you think needs to be done to challenge homophobia and uphold LGBT rights in Lithuania?

Thank You from LGL

Greetings from Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) -

We deeply appreciate Amnesty International for their hard work of organizing this campaign and bringing so much attention to this critical issue.

As many of your readers are aware, the potential impact of this homophobic legislation in Lithuania would have immediate and devastating effects for LGBTQ Lithuanians. But what is more, this legislation threatens the human rights to freedom of speech and expression, and it calls the very nature of our work - advocacy for human rights - into question. We at LGL are following the situation very closely, and as of this morning, the amendment is still officially on tomorrow's Seimas agenda.

We will let you know about the decision of tomorrow's vote as soon as possible, and we appreciate your advocacy and continued support throughout this long legislative process.

Thank you, and all the best,

Emily Daina Saras, Communications Officer
Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) |

Solidarity and support

For those of us who want to act in solidarity - let's say from the US - tell us how we can support your work to make sure this amendment doesn't happen!

How to help

Dear Iani,

In order to support our campaign against homophobic legislation in Lithuania, please sign our web action and share it with your friends / networks:

Thanks for your solidarity!

The FDE Team

To fight discrimination its

To fight discrimination its very simple! People must Be part of the land, culture and blend in so you don't have a problem of ethnicity. Stop following pre-historic lies that religions are made of. Be normal and respect mother nature so no discrimination comes around your sexual orientation or gender identity. Instead of defending all the time with tax payers moneys the loosers and minoritys, go fight crime and poverty! Europe is loosing alot with organizations like this one!